National Cut the Cord Day – February 9th

According to National Day Calendar you need to make sure you have the following resources to cut the cord.

High-speed internet access
Supported device
Valid credit/debit card
Valid email address 
high definition

By supported device, they just mean a Smart TV, a Roku box or Apple TV, or something similar. Some cord cutters even use a personal computer to stream to their TV. Even a laptop, if new enough, and equipped with an HDMI output could be your supported device. But the easiest thing to do is to get Apple TV or Roku.

What’s wrong with Smart TVs?

If you have a smart TV, that might be fine. But older smart TVs might not run the Roku app, or install any other app you might need. It also has its own interface that can be sometimes buggy and the bugs don’t get fixed. Even newer smart TVs have their challenges.

flat screen

On the other hand, Apple TV and Roku both feed your TV via the HDMI cable. And the interface is widely used, so you can get help from your friends on Facebook.

If you have an iPhone, you can unpack an Apple TV and activate it in 15 minutes. You plug it into the wall, and connect it to the TV with an HDMI cable, and you hook it up to your network with a Cat 5e ethernet cord, or you connect it to your WiFi. You’re set up!

There is no mandatory monthly fee for Roku or the Apple TV box. But you can purchase higher end packages that include premium content.






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