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Atlanta local movers looking for a moving company or household goods carrier sometimes first ask acquaintances about their experiences with moving companies in the past. That’s good for Mark the Mover, and in fact a large percentage of our moving customers heard about us from friends, neighbors, family or co-workers. Our advertising budget is just about non-existent, so something must explain how the quiet little moving company that started more than three decades ago in Virginia Highland has grown to be Georgia’s third largest locally owned and operated moving company.

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At Mark the Mover, we believe in putting all our resources into doing a good job for our customers. This serves us well over the years, and since the average moving customers moves more than once a decade, another large percentage of our relocation bookings comes from repeat customers. We earned those repeat customers by doing a good job, not with giant billboards, free coozi’s or fast talking television commercials. Of course you also find us on the internet and that’s good for Mark the Mover too.

On the internet, a new resource for finding out how people feel about companies has come about. For example, has a profile for many companies including Mark the Mover. It is at Kudzu that people can create a free account and leave reviews for restaurants, moving companies and even locksmiths. While the internet is a great tool, it’s easy to recognize that there are also a large number of less established companies that have more savvy in appearing on the internet than they might have in helping customers.

Restaurant reviews at might be the most popular category of thing to use an online review site to research. And Kudzu helps me find out how other people liked a restaurant, including the food, the atmosphere and the service. Likewise for a moving company hundreds of people have found Mark the Mover and fortunately for us, hundreds of people have left reviews about our service during their household relocation efforts. Like locksmiths and florists, when you search the internet it is sometimes hard to see if you are dealing with a tried and true name in moving services or a marketing firm that wants your name and email to sell your information.

Billy is a website sells your information. They are not a moving company, they spend vast sums on advertising, and their goal is to collect your information and sell it to less established and more desperate moving companies. Their sales pitch sounds good, get a bunch of quotes and compare, but each of the companies that bought your information must take a portion of the cost of your move to pay Billy for the ‘lead’.

Kudzu does not charge Mark the Mover for leads. And we don’t buy leads from Billy. In fact most established names in the household relocation services arena have a steady stream of happy customers from the past, just like Mark the Mover. We are a little company, but we have the quality follow up services just like the big national companies like Bekins or Atlas Van Lines. In fact while Mark the Mover is primarily a local moving company, these big companies are more competitive for long distance moving. Unless you are really in a hurry, because we have to charge more than the big van line companies to get your stuff there faster.

But back to Kudzu where you can find out about moving services and moving companies. Another reason we like Kudzu is because we are in Atlanta, and Kudzu started right here in Atlanta. Kind of grows on you, doesn’t it? You see, Kudzu is a unit of the Cox Media Group, a company that is a large employer in Atlanta. We employ all our people in Atlanta, and we like to see people in Atlanta do well. When people in Atlanta do well, they move to bigger houses, and when they move, they often as not call Mark the Mover.

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So if you are looking for an honest, trusted Atlanta name in moving services, call Mark the Mover and look for our reviews on Kudzu.

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