Last Minute Moving day tasks

Make sure boxes are packed tightly, labeled and securely sealed with tape

Write your name or attach address labels on all cartons and number them from 1 – 10 etc.

Ensure all items to be dismantled are ready prior to the arrival of the movers.

Disconnect washer dryer and refrigerator if they are being moved.

Remove hooks from fishing poles.

Drain fuel and oil from lawn mowers, edgers, chain-saws, snow-blowers.

Thoroughly clean and dry inside of fridges, freezers and dishwashers 

Dispose of all un-sealed liquids.

Dispose of all aerosol cans, flammable fluids, matches etc.

Empty gas cylinder from your BBQ, In fact the best thing to do with propane is give it away.

Clean BBQ. surface and surrounds of grease etc

Clean and spray dog kennels and cat pans, empty and clean fish tanks and bird cages etc.

Be on hand the day of moving, or authorize someone to act on your behalf






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